Many people ask me how I came up with the name Fancy Pear Design. “Is this a take on Apple?,” some would ask. My aswer is “No.”

I have always liked the pear shape – distinct, organic, and memorable.
The first vector shape I ever created was in 2002. Guess what it was!  A pear. A very bizarre pear. A pear with one eye, big mouth and teeth. This was not a pear you would like to put in your mouth.

I always knew the pear would be part of my business name. Names such as “Pear Design” or “Creative Pear” were already taken as domain names. I had to come up with a memorable domain name with my “pear” in it.

Here came my husband who had always had creative marketing ideas. I am sure he works in marketing in a parallel universe, but in mine he is a Doctor of Engineering instead. “You could call your branding business ‘Fancy Pear Design’,” he suggested. That was it. I liked the word “fancy.” My style is clean, high end, you could call it “fancy.” “And by the way,” he added ,”there is a grade of pears and apples called U.S. fancy. It means high quality, perfect shape,  and superb taste.”

Here is how Fancy Pear Design was born. The branding was based on the idea of high-quality  high-end design created here in the US. Fancy Pear Design reflects my work, style, and desire to provide excellent quality service.