What is a postcard?

Postcards are bulk-mail advertising pieces. They are a cost-effective and powerful way to reach your target audience.

Copy requirements:

Strong headline. Use a short, benefit-filled headline. A  supporting subhead with additional information is optional.

Informal. Use a friendly tone to make the customer comfortable.

Be brief. Get to the point quickly. You only have a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention.

Be clear and direct. Explain clearly what you’re offering and speak directly to the reader.

Strong call to action. Give your customer a reason to call you or find you. Offer a discount, or a free consultation or publication.

Keep it simple. Focus on one product/service or idea per postcard.

Contact information. List your address, phone/fax number, email and website.

Hire a professional. If no one in your company is qualified, choose a professional copywriter with experience in direct mail.


Design requirements:

Eye-catching image. Generate interest by making a big first impression.

Clean design. Less is more. Do not overcrowd the postcard with detail.

Map. Include a map if location is important to the promotion.

Hire a professional. If no one in your company is qualified, hire a professional designer with a degree in Graphic Design to create your postcard.


Mailing requirements:

Make sure your mailing list is up-to-date and accurate.

Mail frequently to increase customers’ retention.